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Dongguan Hengzhun Electronic Co.,Ltd attended the 121st China Canton Fair

Hits:11644 Time:2017-4-20
        The first phase of the 121st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held April 15, 2017 to April 19, 2017, has been successfully concluded yesterday, the first exhibition unprecedented event, attracting at home and abroad Many buyers to come to the procurement negotiations, the Pearl River Delta and even China at home and abroad have one of the important influence of the show.
        Dongguan Hengzhun Electronics Co., Ltd., is a set up in 2001, with more than 10 years of production and manufacturing experience of the Weighing manufacturers, in the Ministry of Foreign Trade under the leadership of Rex Ai, participated in the Canton Fair for the first period of 5 days Exhibition. In the exhibition, the main display of the scale, body fat, kitchen scales, jewelry scales, industrial scales, hook scales and a series of electronic scale products, attracting many foreign buyers to the exhibition to cooperate Negotiate, our exhibitors enthusiastically introduced to the foreign customers of the company's products and company details, received a number of buyers of the initial cooperation intention, some customers even on the spot to buy our products, go back for use and testing.
        At this point, the prospective electronic in the Canton Fair on the successful conclusion of the end, we will uphold the product quality-oriented, customer demand for the purpose of the principle, to domestic and foreign customers continue to provide the best quality products and services, we will  achieve greater success and glory in 2017 !

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