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Exhibition information

Exhibition Information: 2017 Shanghai International Convenience Store and Community Chain Expo

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        2017 Shanghai International Convenience Store and Community Chain Expo, the start date of the exhibition is September 25, 2017, to the end of September 27, held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.
        Shanghai has become a national leader in the convenience store retail market, Shanghai has an agribusiness group convenience store (Shanghai) has become a national leader in the convenience of the retail market, Shanghai has a highly competitive international metropolis, Shanghai fast commercial and retail industry has been playing the national "leader" (C-store) convenience store, the whole family, Rosen convenience store, the strategic position has become increasingly prominent.

    Exhibition Description:

        ICEI International Convenience Store and Community Franchise Expo will be the first national exhibition in September 2017 debut Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, exhibitors exhibits related to brand convenience stores and convenience store equipment, convenience store product suppliers, community franchise field the latest Brand display, products and technology focused on the show, is a quick and comprehensive understanding of convenience stores and community franchise brand, equipment market, into the new business model of the great opportunity.
        As one of the main features of the retail industry, the chain of convenience stores and community franchise format in the late 90s has been landing in China.
        At present, 80,90 consumers have become the main consumer groups, their consumption concept and the previous 60,70 after a great difference, the younger generation of consumers to pursue the consumption of the price, advocated is convenient, fast, with Sex, fragmentation of consumption, which is convenient stores and community franchise positioning exactly the same.

    Range of exhibition:

    Food and clothing; food and clothing; food and clothing; food; washing; daily; household goods; home; clothing shoes and hats; clothing; shoes and hats; drinks; Food; storage; transportation; transportation equipment; ice making; ice making machine; preservation; foodstuffs; storage; transportation equipment; Preservation equipment; food processing; plastic wrap; packaging machine; packaging; electronic scales; bar code; supermarket;



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