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Exhibition information

2015 China International Instrument Exhibition

Hits:11229 Time:2015-7-10
    2015 China International weighing exhibition is organized by the China Association waagen the 19th weighing professional exhibition, display of the scope and content is: in recent years, domestic and foreign enterprises research, the development of weighing instrument of new products, new technology, a variety of scales, balance, weighing sensor, weighing display controller and industrial weighing machinery required for detection of a variety of instruments, meters, weighing products and related components, materials and so on.
    During the exhibition will be held at the same time the 14th weighing technology seminar; weighing new technology, new product release conference; annual meeting of the China Association waagen; invite the focus of weighing apparatus industry users, held a product promotion, conference; Professional Committee of technical experts committee of the China Association waagen, track scale, weighing sensor professional committee, weighing instrument professional committee, vocational education in the work of the Commission, the weighing standard technical committee and other related work meeting. This is a comprehensive understanding of the excellent opportunity to China weighing industry status quo and development trends of, and in China's main instrument production enterprises for technical exchanges, the best time to establish contact.
    The opening ceremony of the morning of April 20, 2015 9:00 will be in the lobby of hall 3, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center held the exhibition. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the guidance.
    Range of exhibits
    A variety of non automatic weighing instrument, automatic weighing, balance, weighing sensor, weighing display controller and related testing instruments, meters, components, materials, and so on.
    Not to exceed the scope of exhibits
    Host information
    Approved by the Ministry of national science and technology
    Organizer: China Instrument Association
    Organizer: Beijing Vientiane Space Exhibition Co.
    Contact information
    Organizer: Chinese apparatus Association organizer: Beijing Vientiane Space Exhibition Co.
    Address: No. 43 Beijing North Sanhuan Road Qingyun Contemporary Building Room 806 zip code: 100086
    Phone: exhibitors: 010-62115995
    Journal of production: 010-62116095
    Finance: 010-62115985



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