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Operating rules for electronic weighing scales

Hits:3964 Time:2015/6/1
    Objective: to develop a program for the use of electronic weighing scales.
    1, wiring: the power cord is connected to the AC power line, can not be connected to the public line on the high power equipment (due to the large power equipment start and stop will cause voltage fluctuations and affect the performance of the scale), 20 minutes after the start of heating can be used.
    2, horizontal calibration: in the use of the former, should adjust the scale of the four corner, keep the level of the level of the level of the center of the instrument, the balance after adjustment, the four foot is still strong enough to support on the table.
    3, operation:
    (1), set to zero: Zero button, scale back to zero.
    (2), peeled, weighing on the tare and press peeled keys, the tare is automatically eliminated, showed a zero weight, peeled, when take the hypodermal weight from the pans, in weight window display negative tare.
    1 when replacing the tare, first of all, the tare weight of the new on the weighing pan, then press (peeled), new tare automatically replaced the original tare, and showed a zero weight.
    In order to have been deleted in tare, remove items from the tare and pan, and then press the button (peeled), i.e. the tare was deleted.
    (3) weighing: by (weighing) the keys from the unit price or the amount of the state back to the weighing



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