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Cheat electronic scale kill you not to discuss

Hits:4459 Time:2015/6/1
    Often go to the market to buy food for the public may find that some of the electronic scale used by the traders set only the actual price of 1/10 or one percent. For example, selling 10 yuan a pound of items, the electronic scale shows only 1 or 0.1. Why do you want to change the settings? Recently, Huaibei Normal University Physics and electronic information college students Zhang through their own personal experience to explain to us the mystery of the electronic scale of the price of electronic scales.
    On the afternoon of March 26, Zhang came to the Huai next to the food market to buy pork, weighing when Sally saw shown above is 0.15, proficient in mathematics and physics Zhang immediately realized that businesses move the hands and feet on the electronic scale, the electronic scale of the unit is changed into one percent of the actual price. So Zhang then to the boss half jokingly said: "more than 1 pounds of pork is as long as the 1 angle of 5 cents?" Stores immediately reply: "young man, you see, not 1 cents is 15 yuan of money, this scale is calculated according to the unit price of 0.11 yuan, 11 yuan a catty display is 0.11, so 0.15 means 15 yuan." Zhang immediately said: "you give me back the actual price balance scale, so I feel at ease." Stores a bit reluctant to start, but couldn't help Zhang polishing, finally put the electronic scale on the price changed the actual price of 15 yuan, adjusted price after Zhang again see electronic scale display for 14.57 yuan, about five cents less. Finally after and the owner of the dispute, the owner and cut the point of the meat on the scales, when the scales shown as 15 yuan, Zhang paid the money.
    Zhang told reporters that he learned physics, and therefore for the scale of the comparison.
    Many electronic scale in accordance with rounded up five principles of automatic carry, just like the owner that hundreds of one set, original 0.1457 will display is 0.15, the store can be overcharged consumers money.
    Reporter consulted on the matter of Huaibei City CaseTrust staff, the other said businesses such behavior clearly violates the principle of fair trade. Such as the case of the public may be the first to consult with the merchant, such as consultation can not make a complaint to call 12315.



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