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Roadside electronic scale must not be allowed to use a mobile phone to know

Hits:4616 Time:2015/6/27
    Go to the food market to buy food, many people always worry about Quejinshaoliang, how to measure what scale must not be allowed? As long as using a mobile phone. This morning, the reporter took his iPhone visited some supermarkets, farmers market to discover, there are indeed some of the stalls exists Duanjinqueliang phenomenon.
    This morning, the reporter took his iPhone 4 mobile phone to find a more accurate scale, said the weight of 140 grams, followed with a mobile phone came to a supermarket, bought a candy and successfully weighed, the staff of the supermarket, the reporter said, the electronic scale is 139 grams, the weight of the error can be allowed within the range.
    And in some supermarkets, farmers market, electronic scale vendors have some problems. In Liuquan Road, a farmers market, the reporter bought a bundle of spinach, electronic scales and weighing display is 1050 grams, when asked by a reporter to weigh their phones have multiple, by the vendors refused. In desperation, the reporter with this bundle of spinach to find a point of sale, the weight is 1040 grams, compared to the previous full 10 grams, and when the reporter took the phone in this call, showing weight of 141 grams, the error can be within the range, but before the sale of the electronic scale is clearly not accurate.
    Reporters learned that, since a foreign related departments in micro blog released mobile measuring scale tips. This method is many people use, to avoid phenomenon of Duanjinqueliang.



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