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Four elements of electronic balance

Hits: 10500 Published: 2015/6/4
    One is to advance preheat.
    Electronic scales usually need to be warm before use, and each of the scales
    Preheating time is often different, generally speaking, the higher the accuracy of the balance, the more time you need to warm up, can be based on the use of the balance in the requirements of the requirements for preheating, if necessary, can be extended to warm up time (usually the lower the ambient temperature, the longer the preheating time is longer). In fact, many users in the use of the balance is that the use of the open, this is not guaranteed the measurement of the performance of the balance. Therefore, the electronic balance is the key to the accuracy of the relationship.

    Two is environmental conditions.
    Environmental condition is also an important factor affecting the measurement performance of electronic balance. If there is no specified temperature limit, the balance should be worked at the -10 ~40. If the special temperature limit is specified, the balance should be worked under the prescribed temperature.

    Three is the level of state.
    Generally high precision electronic balance with horizontal adjustment device and level, using, to the level of the balance of the state to check the status of the. In fact, some users often ignore the level of the balance of the checks (electronic balance for mobile or other reasons, often caused by the four corners of the uneven or not level, etc.) this is the main reason causing the balance data are not allowed.

    Four is at any time calibration.
    Some people think that the electronic balance in the period after the test, in the validity period is accurate, and often neglect the importance of the calibration, and even do not carry out calibration. As everyone knows, the use of electronic balance due to environmental conditions, human factors, the measurement performance is often subtle changes, which we need to use in our daily calibration



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