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Technical support

After sales policy
Scope: in the balance of the purchase of goods (gifts or accessories except) can enjoy;
After sale service term: purchase within one year from the date of purchase;
After sales voucher: 1 shopping receipts or 2 warranty card certificate is Electronic Hengchuen to buy goods;
After sales application: phone 769-83309298-8818 or contact online customer service
After sale service way: send back the goods by courier repair;
Maintenance Service Ordinance
1.7 days after the confirmation for the quality of the product, company is responsible for the back and forth, the guests can send back to company;
2.non quality factors, the guests themselves to bear the maintenance costs of maintenance;;
3.7 days after the use of the process of product problems, the guests and company corresponding to the charge of product
Maintenance cost:
Because of the quality of repair of goods by Heng quasi company to provide free maintenance, such as man-made damage as a result of need charge maintenance costs and the required accessories cost;
Non warranty coverage:
1.appearance damage does not belong to the scope of the warranty;
2.use inappropriate (including but not limited to the following situation);
3.do not follow the instructions to use, such as instant action to the scale surface, causing damage to the sensor;
4.beyond the maximum weight value;
5.long-term in a humid environment (such as in the bathroom, etc.), resulting in line failure; 6 long term use of not remove the battery, the battery decay, resulting in line failure;
6.do not use a long time to remove the battery, the battery decay, resulting in line failure;
General solution to the problem:
1.body weight will be different in the morning and evening, or the weight of the environment, human body shaking and other factors will affect the weighing results;
2.for the first time and the second error is large, can be re start again;
3.data is not stable, the replacement battery;
4.monitor can not show when the battery is replaced, and see whether the battery port is in contact with the bad;

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