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The use of household kitchen electronic means and maintenance methods

Hits: 9303 Published: 2017/5/26
      The key features of the household electronic scale may vary widely, but the most basic three functions are as follows: ON / OFF power switch, such as the boot in the empty case, 100 seconds or so will automatically shut down, TARE or a separate letter "T" Zero, tare key, MODE, "UNIT" or "U": unit conversion keys and other household electronic means to use the introduction.
    Kitchen electronic use instructions:
      1, first of all, we should scale on the level of the desktop, and then boot, to stay away from the mobile phone computer radiation about 50 cm long, the air flow not too much, do not face the air conditioning fan a class of air flow large objects, boot After 0g (0.0g or 0.00g), put the items up and weigh.
      2, to use this product in a stable, windless level, and the maximum weighing should not exceed its maximum range of + 2%. Carrying too heavy will permanently damage the product. Can not be exposed to extremely cold or extremely hot environment, in the normal environment, the product can work well, before use, so that the product in a new environment to adapt for at least one hour. To gently, weighing the items should be gently placed on the weighing pan, so as not to weigh inaccurate or damage the internal parts of the scale. Before use, start with a weight weighing several times to make the internal components of the scale warm up, this will make the weighing more accurate. Because the product is a high precision products, so use very carefully, to avoid vibration or fall. To place the kitchen scale in a clean environment, dust, moisture, vibration, airflow, or electromagnetic interference will adversely affect the stability and accuracy of the product.
      3, due to the wrong operation caused the internal core parts of the scale damage (such as impact, drop or overload), try to re-calibration, if the sensor is not serious damage, then re-calibration can be used. If the display 88888, will have to be in a vibration, stable plane work; do not show or show the lack of electricity symbol [lo] need to change the battery; 【EEEEE】 overload, should immediately remove the overload items. Weighing inaccuracies or failures The primary factor in battery power is insufficient, calibration is incorrect, overloaded, or operated on non-horizontal surfaces.
    Electronic maintenance methods:
      1, cut off the power, unplug the power cord, clean the scale body. Soak the gauze and then wring dry, and then dipped in a little neutral cleaning fluid, with its cleaning pan, showing the filter and other parts of the scale body.
      2, electronic scales if the long-term need to be wiped clean the machine, into the desiccant wrapped with plastic bags, the use of dry batteries should be removed; the use of rechargeable batteries, the battery should be charged once every three months to ensure the service life.
      3, to regularly check the sensor to check whether it is damp, whether the oxidation, whether there are foreign body around the movement, dust, etc., should be timely cleaning and maintenance, to prevent foreign body and scale body stuck, resulting in weighing are not allowed.



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