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Electronic Scale Encyclopedia: electronic home scale features and design points

Hits: 10287 Published: 2017/6/9

            3.1 understand the advantages of electronic home scales

            Although the household scales are small, non-trade with the instrument, but both the measurement performance, or the principle and functional structure, household scales and trade scales are equivalent requirements. Such as the general trade scales are required to achieve the accuracy of the level of measurement level III, electronic home scale accuracy level requirements are at least Ⅱ level, and even the highest degree of assessment of the human body scale products, but also higher than the lower limit of grade Ⅲ Indicators; some MINI-type electronic home scales and measuring jewelry with the accuracy of electronic scales to achieve a high degree of accuracy level II, gold and silver jewelry to meet the metering requirements. Electronic home scale of this measurement accuracy is also mechanical home scale to catch up.
            Electronic home scale working principle shown in Figure 1, to achieve an electronic home scale has many obvious advantages. Such as high accuracy, good stability, intuitive and clear, simple structure, fast weighing, easy to use calibration, more rich features and reserved I / O interface to ensure reliable work, but also has extended flexibility , Can meet the different needs.
            However, the electronic home scale has one of the most important advantages easily overlooked by people, that is, the speed of its replacement. As the home scale with microelectronics technology, electronic hardware and program software to support its work, which determines the performance of electronic scales can be with the hardware, software upgrades and constantly updated. In fact, the home electronic scale is to rely on continuous tracking, to absorb the world's leading technology and products, while maintaining its advanced nature. Because the household scale is a small product, is the so-called boat small U-turn, so the emergence of new technologies, new devices, new technology can be the first to continue to accept the home scale, so that the level of electronic home scale technology can be in the leading position of the instrument The cost is also rapidly increasing, which is the traditional mechanical home scale unmatched the most fundamental advantages.

            3.2 Based on the use of electronic home scale characteristics, realistic design principles to develop

    * Because it is for home use, with particular emphasis on ease of operation, prompts clear, clear display;
    * As are generally used DC power supply, to minimize power loss, the use of low-power components, additional sleep function, help to extend the battery life;
    * Static use, the modulus conversion rate is not higher requirements, to meet the measurement and display speed under the premise may be appropriate to reduce the built-in clock frequency;
    * Circuit requires high stability of the gain, low drift, low noise, strong temperature compensation measures;
    * Machine requirements cost-effective.
             3.3 Based on the structural characteristics of electronic household scales, the actual design of the design points

    Household scales relative to other types of weighing products, the structure should be simple, light weight, small size, is a typical MINI-type scales, but the "sparrow is small, fully equipped" to describe the electronic home scale is very appropriate.
    From the functional structure point of view, household scales are also by the load-bearing and power transmission device, analog / digital conversion circuit, CPU control, drive display circuit.



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